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Announcements : Info Session - Communication in Ireland

Announcement: Info Session - Communication in Ireland

Event Date: 01/18/2023
INFO Session - Communication in Ireland
Wednesday, January 18th
Fairbanks 208
Traditional Irish Food served

Start in the seaside town of Galway for three days and engage in the local history and culture. While there, learn about the history of Gaelic games in Ireland and how to play Ireland's most popular sports – hurling and Gaelic football. Also take in the breath-taking Cliffs of Moher. For the last seven days, stay in Dublin and experience the historic depth of this modern city. We’ll discover Dublin's top attractions while learning about the strategic communication associated with their popularity. Time in Dublin includes tours of Google’s headquarters, Dublin’s Tourist Office, Blarney Castle (and kissing the Blarney Stone for the gift of gab!), and Game of Thrones filming locations.    
*Scholarships available
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